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2021 Media news........


New! Gallifaufry Album

Contact Pete Rimmer

if you want one


New! Book of poems & songs from Geoff Parry it's for sale on Amazon:

Kindle edition- £2.99      

Paperback- £3.99


The Bothy C.D. "Residents Lounge" is now out. With a track each from our resident singers, only £5  available at the club or online from here ...

Short sampler tracks.....

Kevin Littlewood singing Folk Awards nominated song ‘On Morecambe Bay’  

Bev Sanders singing ‘Black Jack David’

Bill Hackney singing ‘Crazy Mama’

Nev Grundy singing ‘Where do the Children Play’

Chris & Siobhan Nelson singing ‘Bonny Kate’

Ray Rooney singing ‘The Past is Always With Us’

Pete Rimmer singing ‘Bob Dylans Dream

Clive Pownceby singing ‘Pace Egging Song’

Assembled company singing the Bothy anthem ‘Barnyards of Delgatay’  

Pete Rimmer has a new cd out ‘Off The Shelf’ available from Quicksilver music in Market St and from Friends of Folk, where you can also find CD’s from some of our other resident singers.